Vista and Office 2007: The Silver Lining

This week, our PC got hit by a malware virus. Aaah, it was so frustrating! Each time I used Windows Explorer, a very annoying alert window popped up, inviting me to download an anti-virus software that I have never heard of before. Worse, I can’t open both Firefox and Explorer. The only internet access I could perform was Yahoo! Messenger and Chikka. Grr…

After countless efforts to troubleshoot the problem, we gave up and called for help. The first one we sought assistance from was the technician recommended by a former officemate. We set an appointment for the evening, but heavy rains ruined our plans. Since we were not willing to wait for the weekend, the next available time of the technician, we tried asking family members and close friends. Thanks to Janjan and Paul, we were able to get rid of the virus successfully.

The solution? Overwrite our infected OS with Windows Vista. Of course, there were additional expenses that went with the shift from Windows XP to Vista, including the installation of MS Office 2007 (just to get everything upgraded once and for all 😉 ). But soon enough, we saw the great convenience that Vista and Office 2007 offer.

Amidst the negative feedback we heard from friends regarding the difficulty in using Vista and Office 2007, we found many of their features very helpful. And for all these newfound conveniences, we truly thank Bill Gates! You’re the best! Haha.. 😀

After spending 2 days of seeking for solutions, we saw that the pesky malware virus is just another cloud with a silver lining, and MS Vista and MS Office 2007 are its sparkling streaks.

Ironically, the virus that infected our PC goes by the name “Vista Antivirus 2008”. Hah!

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  1. Vista is good, although there is still room for improvement.

  2. I still do not like vista compared to how I embraced windows xp from win 98. We were issued a new laptop at the office with vista home as OS… grrr! sucks! hahaha…

    I’ll give it another year before I’ll jumpp in with the whole wagon of vista fans. 🙂

  3. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my post. I doubt it’s the RAM that has a problem since the laptop has 2.5GB already. I was thinking that it could be the integrated graphics in the laptop that has an issue since I’m playing Sims 3 on it and obviously the Intel graphics on my laptop is not enough to support Sims 3.

    I just have to restore it to its original default settings 🙁 I just need to back up a few more files today.

  4. Hey Joanne, you’re also a Sims fanatic? So am I.

    I’ve been playing The Sims 3 for about a month now, and I haven’t encountered any problems (like the blue screen of death) on my 2-GB RAM, Vista-powered PC.

    Yeah, I read somewhere that some laptops with Intel GMA might not be able to survive running The Sims 3 on Vista.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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