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Photomac: For Rush and Quality Passport Pictures

All in all, its services are at par with other photo studios in the city. But what gives Photomac a clearer edge is its accessibility to students and passport applicants.

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A Quickie on Getting A Philippine Passport

We recently got our passports. Yipee! 😀 We were so happy and excited upon receiving them that I have decided to share a few quick tips (yes, this is the quickie I was referring to!) to those who plan to get one. 1. Philippine passports are issued by the Department ...

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Smart BRO Plan or Smart BRO Prepaid?

I had fun watching the TV ad for the new Smart BRO Prepaid, which featured Sam Milby, Toni Gonzaga and a thousand unknowns. It banked on the premise that you can surf anywhere there’s a PC and that there’s absolutely no monthly fee. But, unfortunately, after lifting a few fingers ...

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