DavaoBase Invades Hong Kong: Modes of Transportation

In Hong Kong, speed and cleanliness are the name of the game. Every time we toured around the city, practically everyone was in a hurry! But despite the hustle and bustle, the streets are very clean and the air so much cleaner.

The main reason behind this is their mode of transportation. While Davao City and the rest of the Philippines are known for public utility jeeps and tricycles, Hong Kong uses faster and more eco-friendly public vehicles.

The islands of Hong Kong are conveniently interlinked by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), a train system very much like our MRT in Metro Manila.

Inside the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in Hong Kong

Instead of small jeeps that cause much traffic, Hong Kong uses double decker buses that stop only at designated stations peppered throughout the city.

A typical double decker bus in Hong Kong

In some tourist attractions like Ocean Park and Ngong Ping, cable cars are available for use. While the price is steep, it makes up for speed and a breathtaking view of the Hong Kong skyline.

Cable Car ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Their seven-story airport boasts of walkalators (or horizontal escalators) so that travelers can storm through the building while resting their feet for a while.

DavaoBase invades Hong Kong! Riding on a walkalator at the HK International Airport.Looking for the bus terminus at Hong Kong International Airport

While these means of transport are impressive, most Hong Kong tourists choose to travel on foot. Yes, it gave us more opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the country while walking, but a twenty-minute walk is no joke!

Our feet are so tired from all the walking! But the whole Hong Kong experience was worth it.

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  1. how was auntie while ridding a cable car?:D

  2. Sana makaikot din ako sa HK like you did. I only had like 5 hours na palakad lakad around Tsim Sha tsui when I had a 10 hr lay-over. Di ko kinaya ang dami ng tao, that was 26th December din kasi, everyone was out the streets… Oh, when you decide to move abroad walking becomes part of your life. 🙂 di tulad sa atin kahit saan papara ang transport. hehehe. Nakakatuwa pics… more pa!

  3. @ elen: Nakakatuwa kasi third time na namin sumakay ng cable car (twice in Singapore) pero anlamig pa rin ng kamay nya. Hehe..

    @ Monique: Lingaw lakad lakad pero grabe sakit sa paa. Oo nga, dito sa Davao, kahit may bilihin lang sa kanto, mag-kotse pa. Haha.. We’ll post more photos soon. 😉

  4. Sarap sumakay sa train sa HK noh? linis and laki… I was able to ride yung from the airport na train mismo. but I was told mahal daw yun… hihihih…

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