Juana Change and the Change We Need

A friend sent me a link to this YouTube video, which is both entertaining and enlightening. As of the time I watched it, the video has managed to get only 2,835 views. Considering how meaningful its message is and the impact it makes, I’m betting this will attract a lot more hits in the weeks and months to come.

The video features Juana Change, an OFW who shares her views on leaving home and working abroad, on being called a modern-day hero and on witnessing the ills of society. A familiar face (take note of his answer when asked about where he came from) also appears in the video to remind us of what our heroes have fought for more than a hundred years ago.

The video ends with the message:

Kawawa ang bayang walang bayani
Pero mas kawawa ang bayang
nangangailangan pa ng bayani

–Bertolt Brecht

Check it here.

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