Long Distance Relationships: Do They Work?

My husband will be away for 6 weeks to attend an Intermediate Brewing Course in Valenzuela City. As he frequently jokes, he needs to learn how to drink beer without getting drunk!

Although 6 weeks may sound too short for some who have endured several years of being away from their loved ones, this is actually the longest we will be far from each other after we got married. Worse, he will be in Manila on our 2nd anniversary.

As of writing, his bags are packed. He will be leaving via Philippine Airlines tomorrow at 1:25 PM. I still do not know how to feel. What I know is that my husband had a fever last Wednesday until Thursday, and I have a slight fever today. Could these be caused by too much worrying? 🙁


Hubby paying terminal fee

To be honest, we are not big fans of long distance relationships. We are strong believers in one of the statements of the Atomic Theory (hah, nerds! 🙂 ) that affinity or attraction diminishes with increasing distance. Besides, life is too short to spend your time always away from the people who matter most.

Anyway, my hubby will be bringing his laptop and I am left here with our desktop. We will be using the power of modern technology to still keep us together even if we’re several miles apart. If things still don’t work, there’s always the option of me going to Manila. Yay! 😀

How about you? Let’s hear your views on long distance relationships.

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  1. Kaya mo yan! 😉 I have been away from my husband for a year and a half now. Kinakaya namin for our 2 kids. I think everything is doing well naman. I know all will be well as long as you trust each other.

  2. Nah! You’re too intelligent not to be able to endure. 6 weeks? hmmm.. short lang yan. And., both of you have internet connection so there’s no way that you cannot communicate.
    I know someone who were in an LDR for 10 years i think, they’re now married. 😉 lol.

    wag nyo na lang ako isipin. may topak yung ex ko eh! hehehe

    good luck tito jay.

  3. so far, its working for me and my gf.

    a year and 6 months after I moved in here, nagkita mi sa Sydney and spent time together for 11 days.

    and after a week na niabot siya ug davao, naa siya karon sa NY to work and its a struggle for us to maintain 3 clocks, (dvo, melb, ny)

    kung magmata ko, mao pud iyang pagtulog..so, we have to get that small margin to talk :)…lisod but still, we are on track 🙂

    6 weeks is just something for the both of u to miss each other :)..gamay drama pud hehe

  4. leh, mag reply ko ug blog sa imong blog.hehehehe

    hmmm.. On the one hand, i agree with you.. on the other hand, i dont. Well, im just trying to avoid committing the Fallacy of Composition, which is simply the error of generalizing things. After all, not all points fall in the linear line.. there are always outliers, definitely.

    may be for some it will NOT work. For others, it MIGHT. everything really depends on the meeting of the minds of the two persons involved. They can always agree, not agree, or agree to disagree, with each other on things.

    Law of Proximity and the Atomic Theory really does apply to human relationships. (Amazing!!! Really! ) My friend, an Instructor in Ateneo, once had a healthy relationship with her boyfriend in Manila. But that was 3 years ago… After her MA studies in La Salle, things started falling apart. For how strong they think they were when she was still in Manila, was also how weak their relationship turned out to be in reality when she came back to Davao. That was just one case.. and there are a lot others.

    But there were also those who have held on. There are those who have overcome the social construct of relationship-working-because-of-proximity. They are lucky. I would say, they are those who have reached some maturity in the aspect of relationships. Because they have realized that a bond, a relationship, is not bound only by physical assurances or by close proximity, but, as the cliche would have it, by the bond in their hearts that no distance could ever sever.

    Oh well… whetehr things work or not, depends on our perspectives in life and relationships. A lot of factors can strengthen or destroy a relationship. At the end of the day, whatever has transpired or will come about of the relationship, good or bad, is our choice. In this life, nothing is ever by chance. Everything is by choice.

    but your situation leh, for me, can’t even be considered a long distance relationship,hehehe.. its just a temporary 6weeks-glitch in your system. after that, things will go back to normalcy.

    But who am I to say whether it works or not?. After all i haven’t tried the long-distance thingy yet.hehehe. No other way of finding out but by trying, don’t you think? Ahahahaha. 😀

    Adios Amiga. After he goes, you can catch up on your reading. :). When he comes back, you’ll be really busy even to pick a book up.Ahahahaha. >:)

  5. Grabe, Mai, mas taas pa imo reply kesa sa akong blog. Haha.. And, in fairness, nigawas jud imo pagka-ateneo instructor! 😀 Love u, mai! Salamat sa pag-post.

  6. relationship advice help

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