DavaoBase Takes a Romantic Escape to Pearl Farm

Every once in a while, we try to skip town for a much-needed, well-deserved break. Just recently, Hubby took me to a surprise romantic escape to Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal.

The 45-minute boat ride from Pearl Farm Marina, a small hotel located in Lanang, which serves as the docking area for guests going to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, was already relaxing in itself. I could feel the worries of work slowly leaving my system.

They served bottled water during the boat ride and they welcomed us with refreshing pineapple juice when we arrived at the resort. There were only 15 guests in the boat, which can probably accommodate around 40 people.

We stayed for a night at one of their Samal Houses, which are located just above the water and facing the beautiful sea. They usually recommend these cottages for couples, probably because the view in the early morning is just so romantic.

There are many things we can compliment Pearl Farm for (great view, relaxing atmosphere, nice pool, delicious food), but their greatest asset would probably be their impeccable service and courtesy to guests. Save for a not-so-friendly tone we received at the Marina, their staff had all been very helpful and accommodating.

It was honestly difficult to leave the place the next day, as we enjoyed our stay very much. It was different from the other recent trips we took, local and abroad, where everything seemed to be in a rush. It was a slow, quiet escape that revolved neither on the places we can see nor the adventures we can experience, but on us — just on us.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal
Tel: (63 82) 221-9970
Fax: (63 82) 221-9979

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  1. kinsa iyong kodaker ani?:D

    • Timer. Hehe. Plus very helpful gyud ang staff sa Pearl Farm. When they see na naningkamot ka mag-picture, they will approach you para mag-offer na sila mag-take sa photo.

  2. Hi, how much is the overnight stay package for two? I am planning to book one for my parents. Thanks 🙂

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