Davao City Elections 2022: Know The Candidates

We at DavaoBase.com would like to do our share in providing relevant information that would help Davao voters make informed decisions on May 9, 2022 – Philippine Election Day.

We have posted a list of those who filed their Certificates of Candidacy for local positions — Mayor, Vice Mayor, Representatives (Congress), and Members of Sangguniang Panlungsod (Councilors).

LINK: https://www.davaobase.com/davao-city-elections-2022/

In the days to come, we will continue updating the list by including individual links to information about the candidates. We encourage everyone to read, discern, and discuss (hopefully without fighting or name-calling), and vote responsibly in 2022.

Makialam. Bumoto. Bumoto para sa Bayan.

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