Cold Weather Gives Me The Chills

Brrr…. Today is probably one of the coldest times in Davao City. read the temperature as:


No need for airconditioning today!

This unusual weather somehow gave me something to think about. Does this have anything to do with the reported effects of global warming? Are we entering a global environmental crisis that we cannot escape? Is this the start of the end of world?

Gives you the chills, too, doesn’t it?

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  1. Wow! 24 is cold for davao… we’re 12C here now.. so mas malamig! yikes! no AC for almost 2 months now!

  2. Grabe no? Tama siguro talaga na mas malaking problema daw ng world ang global cooling at hindi ang global warming.

    Things here are better now (in terms of weather), pero minsan grabe init sa umaga, then grabe ulan sa late hapon papuntang gabi! Ang gulo ng weather ha! 😆

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