Passport Application: A Blow-by-Blow Account

As mentioned in my previous entry, here is a step-by-step account of the process we went through to get our passports. Again, we applied through a travel agency (see why).

1. We asked about the requirements and passport fees in the travel agency.

2. We gathered all needed documents and submitted them to the agency.

3. We filled out the application form in the agency’s office.

4. The agency staff checked the documents and scheduled us for DFA appearance (we chose the date).

5. On the scheduled date for appearance, we met with the agency liaison outside the DFA building and he led us to the receiving area.

6. After waiting a few minutes, the liaison called us to “make the appearance”. A DFA officer checked our documents and asked to see the original documents for the photocopies submitted.

7. We waited for another set of minutes for our names to be called for the encoding of our details in their database.

8. The liaison signaled that we were next so we approached the high counter. We checked our data on the monitor. The liaison helped in checking, too. After we confirmed the details, the DFA staff printed the page.

9. We affixed our signatures and thumb marks on the document.

10. We waited a few more minutes. The liaison then informed us that my husband’s application was already endorsed, but that my thumb mark was too dark.

11. I had to repeat Steps 7, 8 and 9.

12. The liaison informed us that my application was already fine and guided us out of the building.

I have also shared some practical tips regarding applying for a Philippine passport at DFA. Check them out in this entry.

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  1. sir/madam good day..what is exactly now the requirements??thnx much best regards,,

  2. sir pwd ba malaman if how many days nalang ang rush pasporting no holiday…at ano po ba ung mga requirements ng new pasporting pls asap let me know and kindly give me your contack no.

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