Hurrah! Dabawenya Raises the Bar!

A lot of people (especially those from the women’s groups) have been talking about yet another ‘victory’ of the female species as 9 of the 12 topnotchers (2 tied for the 7th and 10th places) of the September 2007 Bar Examinations are women. Well, much as I am happy to know many women topped the exam, I would not be any less happy if more men did. I’m not really a follower of the battle of the sexes.

What I’m more excited about is the new cause for Dabawenyos to celebrate – (drum roll, please) Atty. Ruby M. Luy, Bar Exams 9th placer, from the Ateneo de Davao University! I don’t personally know Atty. Luy, except that she is my classmate’s girlfriend’s sister (some connection, huh? haha..). But, I rejoice with her as she brought pride to our beloved Davao. Hurrah for Ruby! Mabuhay ka!

The other top passers are:

Mercedita L. Ona (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.55%
Jennifer T. Ong (University of the Philippines) – 83.35%
Yvanna DL. Maalat (Ateneo de Manila University) – 82.75%
Jennie C. Aclan (University of San Carlos) – 82.10%
John Michael S. Galauran (University of Nueva Caceres) – 81.60%
Karen S. Canullas (San Sebastian College) – 81.40%
Cecille L. Mejia (Ateneo de Manila University) – 81.35%
Sheryl Ann D. Tizon (University of the Philippines) – 81.35%
Marforth T. Fua (San Beda College) – 81.20%
Ruby M. Luy (Ateneo de Davao University) – 81.15%
Christian B. Llido (University of Cebu) – 80.90%
Vivian S. Tan (University of the Philippines) – 80.90%

To check the official list of passers, visit the Supreme Court’s website.

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