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Trellis ‘N Vines Torres Relaunch: Improved Interiors, Same Great Food

A bigger, better Trellis N’ Vines opens on October 8 in Autoville Compound along Torres Street.

Chicken Biryani, Baby Back Ribs, Chap Chae and Crispy Canton. Everything is still available at the new and improved Trellis 'N Vines at F. Torres Street.

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Yoh Froz Celebrates Health Through Frozen Yogurt

Nutty For Cheesecake Froz at Yoh Froz

First time to visit Yoh Froz? Try their Nutty for Cheesecake Froz or the rich Banoffee Pie Froz. Enjoy frozen yogurt with health in mind.

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Cafe Demitasse: Home of Great Food, Coffee and Desserts

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With its relaxed atmosphere, awesome food choices and efficient staff, Cafe Demitasse offers a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one dining experience. We love their pesto dishes and frappes!

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Coco's South Bistro Serves Satisfying Family-Sized Dishes

Coco's South Bistro, F. Torres Street, Davao City

Coco's South Bistro sits at the center of the F. Torres food strip, and continues to cater to families and groups of friends. Try their Baby Back Ribs and awesome pizzas!

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Alor’s Serves Home-Cooked Dishes With A Twist

Alor's, A Home Kitchen

Alor's brings its A-game into the already-crowded upscale restaurant market, by serving home-cooked creations worth your while.

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Kasagingan Kapehan Offers Hot Snacks For The Cold Weather

Hot Choco Mallows at Kasagingan Kapehan

To combat the freezing weather, We chose to warm up our cold bodies with their Hot Choco Mallows and TwoRon Ala Mode.

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Wild Safari Grill Brings A Whole New Buffet Adventure

Wild Safari Grill, F. Torres Street, Davao City

Wild Safari Grill sounds like a potentially great buffet adventure. True to its name, the restaurant went beyond expectations.

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Tiny Kitchen Serves Divine Dishes With A Touch Of Home

Tiny Kitchen's signature dish: Paella Valencia

Tiny Kitchen is a quaint dining spot that's receiving rave reviews because of their Paella Valencia, a dish that is fit for royalty!

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Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, The Newest Kid On The Corner

Mamma Maria Pizzeria

Hot off the oven from its opening last May 2010, Mamma Maria's Pizzeria has become the newest pizza joint to tickle the taste buds of Davao residents. It is dubbed as "Home of the biggest pizza in the world".

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Pinutos Republik: Home-Cooked Goodness Wrapped In Banana Leaf


This al fresco restaurant deserves props for serving the elite Torres Street clients a whole lot of affordable dishes wrapped in Filipino culture.

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Taps: Breakfast Capital Of Davao


They have practically every type of fried breakfast food on their menu. All plate meals are served with fried rice (sinangag) and egg (itlog).

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Summer Activities in Davao: Kid's Kitchen Camp

San Miguel Great Food Club: Kids Kitchen Camp

San Miguel Pure Foods will be opening Kid's Kitchen Camp 2010: Kids Summer Camp of Cooking and Baking on April 22-23, 2010.

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Bo's Coffee Club: Classy And Friendly Coffee Experience


Bo's Coffee Club gets high points for brewing excellent coffee, and for providing a perfect balance of classy interiors and a cozy atmosphere.

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Wordless Wednesday: Two-ron at Kasagingan


Go ape over Kasagingan's banana preparations like the Two-ron, a fried roll of banana and jackfruit drizzled with caramel and Belgian chocolate syrup.

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