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Koffiepauze: Enjoy a Nice Coffee Break Along Ma-a

Koffie Pauze cold drinks

A translation of "coffee break" in Dutch, Koffiepauze is a promising cafe that offers a lot of unique coffee selections in hot and cold variants.

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McDaddy’s Caffe: Great for Hanging Out with Friends

McDaddy's Caffe (Photo from their Facebook page)

Conveniently located on the second floor of the building just across Davao Doctors Hospital and Mercorner, McDaddy's Caffe has a great ambiance and is perfect for group bonding.

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Java Jive: Davao’s New Coffee and Music Destination

Java Jive

With so many coffee shops already in the market, Java Jive aims to offer customers a different experience by combining good coffee and relaxing music.

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Cafe Demitasse: Home of Great Food, Coffee and Desserts

styleorigin 372

With its relaxed atmosphere, awesome food choices and efficient staff, Cafe Demitasse offers a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one dining experience. We love their pesto dishes and frappes!

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Abreeza Food Tour: Sweet Treats at Bo's Coffee

Macha Green Tea, in hot and iced variants, at Bo's Coffee Abreeza

Bo's Coffee is a definite destination for visitors of Abreeza Mall, with their unique drinks and desserts. Don't forget to bring your laptop, because Bo's Coffee has free WiFi and a convenient lounge for updating your Facebook status!

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Coffee Dream Conjures Up New Look and Food Choices

Fro-Reo, Strawberry Chill and Mango Chill at Coffee Dream

Burp! Coffee Dream succeeds not only in launching their new modern image, but also in reviving our love for coffee -- with the help of desserts and sandwiches, of course!

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BluGre Must Haves: Banana Cream Pie and Coffee


Here's the ultimate combo for a perfect BluGre experience: Banana cream pie and a grande cup of coffee (either a White Mocha Larcepuccino or a Cafe Mocha).

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Pronto Mario: Quick and Tasty Bites


Based on our gustatory experience today, this promising diner cafe is definitely worth a second visit.

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Fagioli Coffee Club: For Breakfast and Pasta Lovers


Fagioli arrives from General Santos City, and is inclined towards breakfast food and pasta.

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Bo's Coffee Club: Classy And Friendly Coffee Experience


Bo's Coffee Club gets high points for brewing excellent coffee, and for providing a perfect balance of classy interiors and a cozy atmosphere.

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BluGre Started Coffee Culture In Davao

BluGre Coffee in Matina Town Square

Despite the emergence of more coffee shops in the metro, BluGre will always hold the distinguished title of offering the first great coffee experience in Davao City.

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Kangaroo Coffee Company: Classy Customer-Friendly Cafe


Kangaroo Coffee Company gets a load of plus points for stamping a fresh image to the otherwise common coffee shop.

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Roti Mum Coffee Bun: The Best of Singapore Now In Davao


Roti Mum's Coffee Bun offers a mixture of wondrous sensations to the palate. Its crisp coating smells like caramel and coffee, and its soft chewy bread tastes buttery.

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CoffeeBar at Gaisano Mall: A Quick Stop

The place offered a different experience when compared to other coffee shops inside the mall. While soft music is preferred in most coffee shops, video game noise from the other floor is what you will be hearing while you're at CoffeeBar.

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Tata Benito’s A Whole LATTE Love

tata benitos

Tata Benito's at Robinsons offers one of the best venues where you can just stop and watch other people outside as they go on with their fast and busy lives while you're enjoying some quiet time inside.

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Annipie Cinnamon Roll: A Sinful Pleasure

Annipie Malvar gets plus points for providing a relaxing atmosphere for its clients, and for selling the best cinnamon rolls in Davao City.

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Caffe Firenzo: Combining Style and Comfort

Caffe Firenzo serves its coffee with added comfort and style.

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A Fresh Viewpoint of K-1

K-1 cafe

Their tuna sandwich was a delightful surprise. The tuna used was not the canned variant, but rather a fresh slice of fish that was steamed before serving.

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Coffee Dream: A little peace within the mall

Coffee Dream's vibrant counter at SM City Davao

Coffee Dream has comfortable sofa sets, plenty of updated reading materials and just the right light to help one relax amidst a busy mall.

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