About DavaoBase

Hello there!

We are Chito and Leah, the husband-and-wife team running DavaoBase.com.

Our main goal for putting up this site is to showcase Davao City by sharing interesting places, establishments, people, and events in Davao as well as our personal experiences as Dabawenyos.

We are both Chemical Engineers. Chito used to work as a manufacturing superintendent in a beverage plant in Darong. He now spends his working hours on online tasks (writing and website management) and on his music (he sings and composes). Leah used to work in a sugar manufacturing company. She now teaches Engineering Math and Chemical Engineering subjects at a university in Roxas.

Outside the demands of work and if we can help it, we avoid the spotlight. There’s just too much pressure in it! =P That is probably why we like blogging, as we can express ourselves without giving public speeches or having to meet anybody’s deadline or expectations.

We are happy to stay on the sidelines, contented with our simple life. Our idea of fun includes driving around the city, hanging out with friends, eating at our favorite restaurants or trying out new food stops, watching movies, updating our websites, web surfing, and occasionally visiting other places outside Davao.

It is our hope that DavaoBase.com can help Dabawenyos to better experience Davao and non-Dabawenyos to discover the true beauty of our city.

Thanks for visiting the site, and feel free to drop comments, suggestions and reactions to any of our posts. If you feel like sharing something — an important announcement, your personal stories in Davao, etc. — feel free to send an email to davaobase [at] yahoo.com or send us a message through our Contact Page. We hope to hear from you soon!



Michelle is a close friend of Leah. She is an Electrical Engineer and currently teaches in one of the top Engineering schools in Mindanao. She loves to write and is a proud Dabawenya.

Julius is Leah’s older brother. A Certified Public Accountant, he currently works as Plant Finance Head in a multi-national beverage manufacturing company based in Davao. He loves to take photos and is a true-blue Dabawenyo.

Mabelle is the better half of Julius. She is mom to 2 beautiful kids and an enterprising Dabawenya who loves creating fashionable accessories as well as writing.

Patricia is Michelle’s very talented daughter and Leah’s goddaughter. She is a skilled writer, singer and dancer.

April is Chito and Leah’s lungga-mate (lungga refers to our small and cozy workplace). She is an Electronics Engineer and an instructor in one of the top Engineering schools in Mindanao. She is also a fellow blogger at EngineersGotBlued.com.

Andrew is Chito and Leah’s lungga-mate. He is an Electronics Engineer and an instructor in one of the top Engineering schools in Mindanao. He is also a fellow blogger at EngineersGotBlued.com.

If you’re a proud Dabawenyo who wants to share something (article, photo, video, other materials) to fellow Dabawenyos around the world or to non-Dabawenyos interested in our city, simply send an email to this address: davaobase [at] yahoo.com.


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