Balud Books: An Emerging Local Social Enterprise for Women by Women

Switotwins Inc., a local social enterprise, has another project rising. Balud Books is a social enterprise where local stories from communities are published through home furnishings.

Balud Books

This project was made to have an inclusive environment for community artists, illustrators and artisans. This is to provide a way for them to get published. They partnered up with local artists such as Lulu Amorado and Ira Teves. Their first product is a recipe book that also serves as a refrigerator magnet. These zines were made by the women of Brgy. Mintal in Davao City.

balud books recipe magnets

Empowering Single Mothers

The women who make these ref magnets were participants in a previous digital storytelling workshop facilitated by the group. Most of them are single mothers who belong to the cottage industry of eateries, or work as seamstresses and gardeners. They are all household artisans while fulfilling their motherly duties to their children.

These women enjoy telling their stories as well as give tips about their chosen fields. They also share empowerment to other women who are in the same plight as them. The barangay officials of Mintal fully support this project as it gives women a chance to showcase their talents not just in their chosen fields. The members of this social enterprise want to show that single mothers shouldn’t be confined to their homes could also earn money through livelihood programs like this.

Here’s a video about how Balud Books is helping to empower women:

To know more about Balud Books and their products, please contact Pearl Dy at +63 915 607 4540.

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