Davao: Safest City in the Philippines, 9th in the World

Our beloved city has appeared in Numbeo’s prestigious Crime Index Rate list many times over the years, and this year is no different.


According to the current list as of May 2015, Davao City is tagged as the safest city in the Philippines and ninth in the world. Davao placed 9th in terms of Crime Index (19.03%) and Safety Index (80.97%). The top spot went to Osaka, Japan with a Crime Index of 10.74% and a 89.26% Safety Index.

Hurrah! That’s another feather to the already illustrious cap of Davao City. Hats off to our city government led by Mayor Rody Duterte, as well as the disciplined Dabawenyos!

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  1. It is really safe in Davao. 🙂

  2. This is why Davao is better than other cities in Mindanao. They have strict rules and they implement it. Because Davao City is safer more investors are confident to do business. The more businesses and development the more jobs for Davao and the people

  3. Where’s the website link of this info?

  4. check numbeo again

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