Suka at Sili Bar and Grill at Davao Airport

Some people prefer not to eat at the airport because airport restaurants have the reputation of selling expensive food. You may ask, “How expensive is ‘expensive’ in Davao’s airport?” Allow us to give you an idea of how much meals cost at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport (commonly known as Davao airport).

There aren’t a lot of restaurants at the Davao airport, unlike in NAIA or in Cebu’s airport. In our most recent trip, we ate at Suka at Sili Bar and Grill, located at the left side just before you enter the gate for the waiting terminals.

Suka at Sili food
We had Pork Adobo almusal meal (P 170) and Chicken Barbecue (P110).

Check out Suka at Sili’s food offerings and prices in the screenshots of their menu.

Suka at Sili menu 1



We’ve also checked other dining options at the airport, and food prices didn’t really vary much.

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  1. Not bad. I’ll try it here. I usually go to Skygo Cafe for some icecream while waiting for my flight

  2. Ang sarap naman ng kanilang Pork Adobo! (drools at the picture)

  3. Mahal talaga ng airport food!

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