Calamansi Juice Wars: Fave in Davao

Did the past ultra-busy weeks of holiday shopping, parties and traffic leave you fighting off coughs and colds? We had our bout with the cold too, and one of our trusted allies is the refreshing vitamin C-packed calamansi juice.

calamansi juice

Here are 3 ready-to-drink calamansi beverages — all commercially available in Davao — that I have tried in the past week. From these, I chose my personal favorite (see bottom of post to know what it is!).

NatuReal Fruit Juice
Price: P25
Volume: 375 ml
Found at: Allegro booth, NCCC Mall

NatuReal Fruit Juice
Healthie Calamansijuice
Price: P30
Volume: 350 ml
Found at: Healthie booth, SM City Davao

Healthie calamansijuice
Fruit of the Earth Calmansinade
Price: P26
Volume: 500 ml
Found at: Robinsons Supermarket, Abreeza Mall of Davao

Fruits of the Earth Calmansinade

My favorite among the three is NatuReal Fruit Juice! It tastes so similar to the freshly squeezed calamansi juice that we prepare at home. I also like that it comes in nice rectangular bottles.

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  1. I’ll try the NatuReal calamansi juice. I like its packaging

  2. Healthy drinks! Loving the packaging 🙂

  3. Great! promoting healthy calamansi drinks for everyone particularly packaging has an impact on the decisions of consumers

  4. Yes, with the looks alone, the NatuReal Fruit Juice seems more delicious in my eyes.

    Among the 3, it’s the one I haven’t tried yet.

  5. among the three, I have only tried calmansinade. flavor is just right;not too sour nor too sweet! but 1st one is really interesting.might grab one soon!

  6. Dear manager

    Hello? This is a Korean food company. I am interested in importing your 500ml calamansi jice. At first it is expected to import 10 tons. Could you give me a quote?


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