Balai Coffee n Spa: Comfort and Style in One House

We have visited Tagum a number of times and the city never fails to surprise us with its development and new offerings. Recently, we visited Tagum to conduct a blog talk and we’re more than glad to be introduced to Balai Coffee n Spa, a house-themed (‘balay’ in Bisaya translates to ‘house’ in English) coffee shop that is great for family bonding or hanging out with friends!

dinner with Ptr. Joseph Doce and Perla Doce
We had a really nice dinner with awesome couple Ptr. Joseph and Perla Doce.
Balai humba and pork ribs
We had humba (P90) and pork ribs (95) for dinner. Yummy.

See more photos of Balai Coffee n Spa below.

Balai Coffee n Spa

Balai Coffee n Spa

Balai Coffee n Spa

Balai Coffee n Spa

Balai Coffee n Spa

We would love to try their spa services on our next visit to Tagum. They offer 1-hour Shiatsu Dry Massage or Swedish Oil Massage for P300 (ordinary) or P500 (VIP).

Balai Coffee n Spa
Photo from FB page of Balai Coffee n Spa

Balai Coffee n Spa
Magsaysay Street, Tagum City, Davao del Norte
Contact: (+63 84) 216 0421

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  1. Hi Leah!

    You bet that’s a nice and cozy place to visit here in Tagum. Buti ka pa nagpromote nito. Hehe.

    Hope to meet you one day.

    God bless and keep blogging for God’s greater glory!


  2. I like the place. It looks so cozy and comfortable

  3. Would they be open on the 24th? Until what time? Could we make a reservation?

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