Flazo: Flavored Bite-Sized Brazo De Mercedes

It’s thrilling to see unique food products made by Davao chefs and home cooks. Here’s something that might tickle your fancy: flavored Brazo de Mercedes.

flazo flavored brazo de mercedes

This new approach to the delectable dessert goes by the name Flazo, which appears to be a play on the words “flavor” and “brazo”. These bite-sized desserts come in original custard, pandan, and chocolate, as well as the new variants ube and lemon custard.

Flazo carries the taste and aroma that you would expect from a traditional Brazo de Mercedes — sugary, light and airy, and decadent at the center. The different flavors bring excitement to the palate, with each flavor giving the dessert a unique identity.

flazo flavored brazo de mercedes chocolate pandan custard ube lemon custard

The cute pastries are the brainchild of Joey Sy-Domingo, a professor from UIC and one of the DJs of the now-defunct (and totally missed by Top 40 listeners) 105.9 Mix FM.

Flazo is indeed “flavored with love and inspired by Brazo,” as the brand’s tagline says. If you’re looking for a clever twist to the dessert favorite, I recommend taking a bite — or a box — of Flazo.


For orders, contact them through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FLAZODVO

P.S. Thanks to our niece Dianne for introducing us to this one-of-a-kind mini-dessert. :)

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  1. Can this sustain a 16 hour flight? Pampasalubong unta…

  2. I really love brazo de mercedes. May i know how much is it per box and how many pieces? :)

  3. Hi Meldz

    it has to be frozen, don’t worry we’re working on the packaging, so you can bring it anywhere:) We’ll keep you posted

  4. Sadear, 30 pcs. bitesize 370.00, 15 pcs, bitesize is 200 pesos;)

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