TAPS Banana Desserts: Saging Madness!

The saging is trending these days! A lot of Dabawenyos are talking about the new banana-themed restaurant Saging Repablik, and the city’s breakfast capital TAPS has a banana haven of its own too.

TAPS has been a popular foodie destination for almost 3 decades now, serving all-time favorites tapsilog, tosilog, primasilog, bangsilog, and more. In our recent late dinner stopover at TAPS in Matina Town Square, though, we saw that it now serves an array of banana-based desserts!

TAPS desserts menu

Here is a list of their desserts with prices:

Sawsaw Banana – P125
Sawsaw Banana Jr. – P70
Extra Dip – P30
Banana Split – P110
Maruya Supreme – P100
Turon – P65
Banana Cobbler – P55
Banana Crumble – P35
Banana – P10

TAPS banana desserts

We ordered the Banana Cobbler, made of hot banana-infused pastry topped with cold vanilla ice cream, and Sawsaw Banana Jr., made of banana slices in lumpia wrap with Belgian Chocolate dip (other choices: Caramel, Vanilla Custard) on the side.

TAPS Branches

Matina, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 305 0164

TAPS Bolton Branch
Bolton Street, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 300 8277

TAPS Damosa Branch
Lanang, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 302 8081

TAPS Duterte Branch
Duterte Street, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 305 4090

TAPS Palma Gil Branch
Palma Gil Street, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 305 0114

TAPS Sta. Ana Branch
Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City
Contact No: (63 82) 305 0667

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  1. Their saging desserts was originally from Kasagingan, the onced loved coffee shop at Torres and now it’s gone, they’d to pass on their desserts to Taps.

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