Java Jive: Davao’s New Coffee and Music Destination

One of the main challenges for today’s entrepreneurs is coming up with new ideas, products or services to offer increasingly vocal and discriminating consumers. Take for example the development of shawarma, which started as a sandwich and has since evolved into a meal on its own as shawarma rice. Just recently, we also had a taste of the shawarma pizza.

With so many coffee shops already in the market, newcomer Java Jive aims to offer customers a different experience by combining good coffee and relaxing music.

Java Jive has a wider range of drinks compared to many other coffee shops. Aside from the usual coffee and chocolate drinks, they serve several tea and soda preparations. They also serve cakes, pastries, pasta and rice meals.

Customers are entertained with live band sessions featuring local artists. Also worth mentioning is its unique ceiling that displays oversized piano keys.

We enjoyed our coffee and desserts (especially the chocolava ala mode) and we loved the music. Java Jive is a nice place for friends who need to do some catching up, for busy people who want some down time and for artists who want to express their love for music during Jammers Night.

Java Jive
1.18 Centron Building
Quirino Street corner Gen. Luna Street
Davao City

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  1. It’s one of my favorite coffee shops in Davao. They have their own niche that they can always boast for. I heard that every Thursday night is Jason Mraz night. #amusing

    It’s also interesting to note that whenever you step inside the shop, the staff would greet you, “Welcome home…” “)

  2. This is a new theme for coffee shops which is important to be of different from many competitors in Davao City. One thing that is important is also the price and the taste of every coffee and food they are serving. That formula will give you a leap to other coffee shops in the City. A must try shop!

  3. As much as I give them kudos for introducing something new to the coffee shop scene in Davao, I don’t think their food is of the quality that I would be able to recommend them. I might come back here for the ambiance and the drinks, but certainly not the food. I’d have to try out these desserts, though.

  4. are the customers allowed to have any jam? coz im having a date this monday, hope i could play just one song , 🙂

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