Spotted: Construction in Highway Near Matina Crossing

We spotted four or five of these structures along McArthur Highway near Matina Crossing. We did not see any signboards around the area to explain what they are. Thus our question — what are these for?

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  1. i think lalagyan yan ng mga isdang nabubulok.

  2. bagong overpass?

  3. I actually have the same question. I asked one of the security guards of Centerpoint Plaza and I was told that those are for manholes. Let’s see in the coming days what these constructions are for…

  4. Same here! And you’re right to point out there are no signages that indicate what the construction is for. There should be one, esp since it is causing major traffic around that area (which is already quite busy even without this construction job).

  5. My dad told me this years ago about the flyover there in Matina. He’s from DPWH :)

  6. manholes, drainage project ng city

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