Sooo Pinoy: Kalami Mahimong Pinoy – Davao Food Tour

Sooo Pinoy is in Davao!

Sooo Pinoy is a food appreciation campaign launched by Unilever Food Solutions, in partnership with the Department of Tourism. The movement, which aims to promote Filipino cuisine, has been to Iloilo-Boracay and Cebu, and it is now Davao’s turn to put our best dishes in the spotlight.

Foodies from different parts of the country will be hopping from one restaurant to another to discover and appreciate the Sooo Pinoy dishes of Davao from June 25 to June 29. Participating establishments are Dencio’s Kamayan, Grand Regal Hotel, BBQ Boss, Ahfat, Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases, EY’s Tuna, D’Leonor Hotel, Fly Over Ihaw Ihaw, Patok sa Manok, Marina Tuna, Waterfront, Paradise Beach Resort, Garden Bay, Jack’s Ridge, Selera Kusina, Glamour, Royal Mandaya Hotel, Tiny Kitchen, Chippens, Harana, Penong’s, Yellow Fin, Pansititoy, Fiesta Dabaw and Kookels.

Keep posted as we share with you the highlights of this gastronomic adventure!

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  1. Bakit walang Merco, Taps, Antonio’s, Sunburst, Cecils, Jaltan, Dencia’s, Famous or Davao Shanghai? Dapat meron din durian delicacies sila na tikman, and mga dishes/delicacies na may fruits like pomelo, rambutan, durian, mango, mangosteen,lanzones kasi yun ang bounty ng Davao.

  2. Must include Crocodile Park, Antonio’s Grill, Dencia’s Restaurant..

  3. Vulcachong..these are Davao orig restaurants.

  4. JeL Tutorial Center

    Crocodile Park also offers good food… with exotic meat.. ^_^

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    JEL Learning Center
    Tel no. 271-1208 or cel no. 09083866019

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