Meet the Crab at Grab-A-Crab in Abreeza Mall

One of our new favorite stops at Abreeza right now is Grab-A-Crab, where they serve tasty crabs in positively delicious sauce.

Their setting is quite unique, with tables and chairs that make you feel like you’re having a big boardroom meeting and menu cards that are just humongous.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the prices of their dishes, as they were lower than what we expected, given their classy look and excellent service.

Grab-A-Crab is one restaurant we surely look forward to visiting again.

Rooftop, Abreeza Mall
Bajada, Davao City

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  1. we would like to raise our concern over what we and people I know who have dined at Grab A Crab Abreeza have noticed. They do not observe sanitation so much. We observed the glasses they use in serving water are just rinsed with water then used again to serve water to the next customer. We hope Mr. M. Wee should do something about this. With lots of people coughing these days. I would be scared getting their virus thru the way they clean used glasses for drinking water.

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