Soccskargen Invasion: Memorable Pictures from the Trip

Our recent trip to Soccskargen was short, but the place made a big impression on us. Here are some awesome shots that we managed to take during our escapade with fellow bloggers.

Hubby trying out planking under an army tank in the 73rd Infantry Battalion grounds in Sarangani

Planking! Hubby tried this stunt under an army tank!

An employee from Sarangani Provincial Hall gamely obliges to take our pictures using all of our cameras! Taken at the Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary in Maitum, Sarangani.

Look at the cameras. Soccskargen tourism at its finest!

Jump shot... in a pool? Bloggers enjoy the Infinity Pool at Lemlunay Resort in Sarangani

Jump shot… from a pool? Taken in Lemlunay Resort in Sarangani

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