'Davao: Life is Here' Launched as City's New Tagline

“Davao. Life is Here.” This is Davao’s new tagline as it launched a new branding campaign geared towards promoting the city to tourists and investors.

Davao City launched its newest tourism brand this week, with the mighty Philippine eagle as the main identifying image. The campaign, which is expected to give the city’s tourism and investment sectors a boost, also highlights Davao’s other top treasures, such as the beautiful beaches, the durian and the pomelo, the waling waling, the majestic Mt. Apo, and the cultural diversity of its people.

Check the new ‘Davao: Life is Here’ video below:

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  1. In the video presentation the repeat opening of the door is a bit distracting, and the door used is medieval, they could have used the kawayan or bamboo or local materials representing the Philippines.

    the beach shown is not from davao but rather from samal, samal is not part from davao.

    they could have shown davao city’s tourist spots, like the philippine eagle center, crocodile park etc.

  2. nindot unta ang tumong, pero sipyat sa execution.. sayang..

  3. Intro ad pa lang yan… kayo naman, para namang mga totoong advertising practitioners kayo kung makacomment. execution ang nakita – kayo kaya gumawa? sigurado, walang concepto!

  4. bamboo lang ba ang tribal architectur material? kung isaksak mo crocodile farm, eagle center, at lahat ng tooursit spot na gusto mo makita, gawin mo na lang at i-upload mo sa youtube!

  5. not a good choice

    murag balay sa the hobbit ang intro.heheh

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