Celebrate Kadayawan 2011 at The Apo View Hotel

Experience Kadayawan 2011 in its blissful glory and abundance at The Apo View Hotel!

From August 8 to 21, The Apo View offers the following Kadayawan experiences to guests: Floral and Fruit Exhibit (Main Lobby), Kadayawan Art Exhibit (Main Lobby), Kadayawan Bazaar (Main Lobby), and Kadayawan Food Festival (Entree and Cafe Josefina).

From August 15 to 21, The Apo View shows you more of Davao’s culture and bounty with the following events: Parades of Mannequins in Ethnic-inspired Creations (Entree Hallway), Weaving of Dagmay Fabric (Main Lobby), Tropical Fruit Festival (Garden Patio), Cultural Presentation (Entree Hallway), and Fire Dancing Presentation (Garden Patio).

We will soon be visiting The Apo View and we will share with you more of what it has prepared for everyone. Or you can check out The Apo View with your friends and family, and share your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

The Apo View Hotel
150 J. Camus Street, Davao City
Tel: +63 (82) 221-6430 to 40
Fax: +63 (82) 221-0748

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