Kasagingan Kapehan Offers Hot Snacks For The Cold Weather

The rain was non-stop last Thursday (February 17, 2011), so naturally we immediately looked for a place to wait for clearer skies. We found a great spot in Kasagingan Kapehan, a coffee shop that offers unique banana dishes.

Because we were somewhat avoiding too much caffeine lately, we chose to warm up our cold bodies with their Hot Choco Mallows and TwoRon Ala Mode. See the pictures below for your appreciation:

Tworon Ala Mode at Kasagingan Kapehan

Hot Choco Mallows at Kasagingan Kapehan


Kasagingan Kapehan
F. Torres Street, Davao City
Phone (082) 300-7279

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  1. How much is the choco mallows? 24hours to?

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