Wild Safari Grill Brings A Whole New Buffet Adventure

One of my co-supervisors, Alvin, was headed off to Pampanga for his new assignment in one of the domestic breweries of San Miguel Beer. To celebrate his departure — er, his legacy in Davao Brewery — we treated him to a new buffet restaurant in F. Torres Street.

Wild Safari Grill, F. Torres Street, Davao CityLong buffet table at Wild Safari Grill

Wild Safari Grill sounds like a potentially great buffet adventure. True to its name, the restaurant went beyond expectations. Just look at the food choices to give you an idea:

Mouth-watering meat dishes at Wild Safari Grill: Lumpia Shanghai, Chicken and Pork Barbecue, and Crispy Pata

Great buffet choices at Wild Safari Grill

Desserts at Wild Safari Grill: Halo halo ingredients, Fruit Salad, and kakanin

What makes Wild Safari Grill stand out from the rest of the eat-all-you-can spots is the unlimited access to ice cream! The restaurant serves Donna Ice Cream, which is locally produced.

Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream: Free at Wild Safari GrillBuffet at Wild Safari Grill includes unlimited access to Donna Ice Cream!

Wild Safari Grill serves daily buffet lunch from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM. Dinner buffet opens at 6:00 PM and closes at 9:30 PM.


Wild Safari Grill
F. Torres Street, Davao City (near Davao Convention and Trade Center)
Phone (082) 222-3748


Side note: I wish Alvin the best in his career and life. More power, Brew! 🙂

Brewing Department, circa 2010 (L-R): Alvin, Franco, Blessel, Zeny, Roel & Chito

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  1. Hi, Brew! The great company made the food even more delicious. ‘di ko na nabilang kung ilang balik KA sa buffet table.. and the Donna Ice Cream is not bad at all.

  2. wow, delicious food, my favorite.

  3. i googled for the contact number of wild safari grill & of all the blog site which mentioned wild safari, you are the only one who wrote their number! thank you very much..saved me from “google-ing” futher.. God bless 🙂

    • Hi Yoying! Glad to be of help. We make it a point to include phone numbers in our blog posts, because we have experienced the same googling agony before. 🙂

  4. how much for lunch? If we have more than 50-65 people is their a private room?

    • Hi, malou. I asked recently and it’s P249 for lunch and P299 for dinner.

      For private functions, they have a room that a staff member said can accommodate up to 80 people. But from our experience, the noise from the main dining area, which is open to walk-in customers, can be disturbing (especially during peak hours).

  5. Hello! Do they cater online reservation/payment?

  6. How much po per head dinner po kami bukas20 pax po

  7. may discount po ba sa birthday celebrant?

  8. i’m drooling with all the photos you’ve posted here and other food blogs you have. pohon adto-on jud sad nako ni.. thanks for sharing…

  9. May mobile number po kayo?

  10. how much po per head ninyo? sa dinner po?

  11. I will try it here!!! 🙂

  12. Hi. Kasali na po ba sa 269 ang unli ice cream?

  13. Hi ask lang poh if libre ba yong birthday celebrant?

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