Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt in Davao!

YoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt

September 24, 2010 marked the launch of Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt in Gaisano Mall of Davao. Before the opening of this new yogurt bar, Yogo was being served only at Coffeecat in F. Torres Street. This time, mall patrons will have the opportunity to taste their elegant and delectable yogurt preparations within arm’s reach.

YoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt at Gaisano Mall of Davao

YoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt has an impressive and elegant display

You’ll never miss the Yogo store in the 4th level of Gaisano Mall of Davao. It’s strategically positioned right beside the 3D Cinema. The store looks very posh and inviting, with its minimalist layout and bright colors. The pink Yogo signage spells “sweet, cute and exciting”, which is perfect for a food business like this.

For your yogurt cup, you can choose between original and green tea. Several toppings may also be served on top of the yogurt swirl.

Mouth-watering toppings for your frozen yogurt preparations at YoGo

For our toppings, Wifey chose mango, almonds and chocolate chips. Meanwhile, Hubby opted for preserved strawberries and chocolate chips. What a feast for the senses! Both cups looked great with their vibrant colors, smelled so fruity and pleasant, and tasted like tangy ice cream served with fruit.

Wifey's frozen yogurt toppings at YoGo: Mango, almonds and chocolate chips

Hubby's picks for frozen yogurt toppings at YoGo: preserved strawberry and chocolate chips

Jill Tan-Lao, one of the owners of Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt, graciously welcomed us to the opening of this promising and absolutely adorable yogurt bar. While the logos look like foreign brands, Jill told us that Coffeecat and Yogo came from their family’s original ideas. Now that’s impressive!

YoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt owners: The Tan familYoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt: I just got refreshed.Menu cards at YoGo Premium Frozen Yogurt

Yogo definitely deserves repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising, because of its strong foreign brand appeal and the tangy goodness of their yogurt-based products.


Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt
4th Level, Gaisano Mall of Davao
(beside Gaisano Mall 3D Cinema 1)
[ Visit their official website ]

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