University of the Immaculate Conception: The Pink School

How cute is this?

The pink school: University of the Immaculate Conception in Davao City

This pink building is an actual school in Davao City. It’s the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) in Bonifacio Street. Wifey is an alumni of the UIC High School, which is situated in Father Selga Street (Bankerohan).

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  1. I graduated from that school!

  2. Pink school… how you name it…

  3. It doesn’t look good. Try to ask an architect if it looks nice with the bright color PINK. The choice of color is wrong.

  4. that true.. its not a good color for buildings… Even Ateneo de davao didn’t try to color their buildings with blue paint, or Holy Cross of Davao try to shade their buildings with red. dont get me wrong but i hope its not so literal. male students are also admitted in that school.

  5. ask ko lang po kung magkano ang unit.?

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