Bangkok Wok Serves New Dishes To Tickle Davao Tastebuds

Menu cards for Bangkok WokI was fortunate to have been invited to a food tasting event at Bangkok Wok at Robinsons Cybergate Davao last Saturday, August 7. It was exactly a year ago when Hubby and I experienced authentic Thai food for the first time in this restaurant, so I guess this would be a fitting revisit for me. Carmina and Raffy del Rosario — owners of Bangkok Wok — have graciously welcomed a handful of Davao bloggers to sample their new dishes.

Bangkok Wok has kept its interiors elegant and fashionably lit. You will literally feel the classy ambiance vibrating through the room.

We were served a feast of fusion dishes that capture some of our Pinoy favorites with the flavors of Thai food. Here are some quick bites:

Yam Pak Boong (P225, good for 4-6 people). It’s essentially crispy kangkong, but served as a salad with shrimps and crunchy shallots drizzled with sweet lime dressing . It’s probably the best and most unique crispy kangkong you will ever taste.

Yam Pak Boong (crispy kangkong salad with shrimps and crunchy shallots drizzled with sweet lime dressing )

Laarb Gai, or minced chicken salad with cilantro on a bed of lettuce (P195). It tastes like an upscale version of the local kinilaw, complete with a tangy taste but none of the fishy odor. It’s very mouth-watering!

Laarb Gai (minced chicken salad with cilantro on a bed of lettuce)

Ka Moo Pad Ped (P595). It was the king of our dinner table. Just imagine crispy pork knuckles sitting on a thick red curry sauce. Better yet, just look at the photo. Now that’s a great Thai-Pinoy fusion dish!

Ka Moo Pad Ped: Crispy Pata with a twist!

Thai Oxtail Stew (P300, serves 4-6). Get this: Oxtails cooked slowly (six hours!) and served piping hot with cilantro, Thai lime and Thai vinegar. In a nutshell, it’s similar to Balbacua, but WAY more superb. If you’ve never tasted fall-off-the-bones oxtail, then give this sinfully delicious delicacy a shot.

Thai Oxtail Stew (slow-cooked oxtails served piping hot with cilantro, thai lime and thai vinegar)

Grilled Lamb Riblets (P480). This is another unique dish: Australian lamb riblets grilled Thai style with a spicy lime dipping sauce.

Grilled Lamb Riblets (Australian lamb riblets grilled Thai style with a spicy lime dipping sauce)

Kao Kluk Gapi (P165, enough for 6 people). I grew up loving salty food. That’s why I give major props to their version of Bagoong Rice. It’s a knockout punch of flavors in a rice dish: manggang hilaw, bagoong, hibe (dried shrimps), fried egg, and onions.

Kao Kluk Gapi (Bagoong Rice)

Kao Soy (P165). Carmina describes it as “Chiang Mai noodle soup with crispy and soft egg and rice noodles topped with chicken, cilantro & pickled mustard”. I describe it as “spicy, creamy and delicious”!

Kao Soy (Chiang Mai noodle soup with crispy and soft egg and rice noodles topped with chicken, cilantro & pickled mustard )

Ruamit (Thai halo-halo) (P85). It’s a relatively simple dessert that’s lighter than our local halo-halo, but with the extra creamy sweetness of coconut milk.

Ruamit (Thai halo-halo)

All I can say is “Whew! ” and “Wow!” to the exciting additions to Bangkok Wok’s already exquisite array of dishes. I’m just counting the days before my next visit.


Bangkok Wok
Robinsons Cybergate Davao
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City

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  1. Wow! Definitely a wow… Not only Krua Thai ang pwede puntahan (or at least yun lang kilala ko!). Sarap! Will show this too to my Thai friend and let her check this food. Yun authentic thai food made by a thai! 🙂

    Libre niyo ko dito ha?!

  2. Ka Moo Pad Ped and Grilled Lamb Riblets are so yummilicious! Hope to try this when I’m home…

  3. @Monique: Pag uwi mo, dito natin simulan ang ating business meeting bago natin bulabugin si Janjan sa GenSan. Haha..

    @Puti Cattleya: You should, and bring your friends along. The place is great for mini reunions. 🙂

  4. grabeh! thats not bagoong rice… that’s a sin! hehehe…i wonder how it looks like in actual. mukhang sobrang sarap sa picture.

  5. Waw kalami!!!!

  6. lamb ribletsss here we come!! ^_^

  7. @SeanJohn: Haha.. mukha bang sinful? no editing yung photo, so that is exactly how it looks. 😉

    @kanye: as in!

    @iSSa: the food there will be worth your trip, Issa, maski sa pikas dulo ng Davao mo nakapuyo. Hehe.

  8. grilled lamb riblets looks very yummy…… kung puede lang kainin ang picture 🙂

  9. @Rhea: Haha.. Wag naman. Better visit the place na lang para for real ang yummy-ness. 😉

  10. it was nice meeting and seeing you again DavaoBase.. Regards

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