Doble Koro: Pinag-isang Tinig Concert of The Himig Singers and UM Chorale

Last Saturday, May 15, we went to see The Himig Singers and the University of Mindanao Chorale in a concert dubbed “Doble Koro: Pinag-isang Tinig” held at the Finster Auditorium of the Ateneo de Davao University.

The concert was really interesting and very audience-oriented. It was a huge success, and we would still be saying this even if the main reason we were there was to show our support for our nephew, Nikolai de Castro, who is part of The Himig Singers. The audience gave the choirs a much-deserved standing ovation after their final song.

The concert was divided into 3 parts, and the last part brought together The Himig Singers and the University of Mindanao Chorale under the direction of one of Asia’s leading choral conductors, Mr. Jonathan Velasco. Check the combined choirs singing “A Better World” in the video below.

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