Davao's Otek Durante to Host 11th Muziklaban!

Otek Durante, one of Davao’s favorite event hosts, will be doing the Muziklaban Finals this Saturday, January 30. This is his second time to host Muziklaban; the first time was in the event’s 10th anniversary in 2008. He will be with fellow hosts Dylan of Jack TV and Queenie Smith, daughter of rock legend Pepe Smith.

muziklabanMuziklaban is an annual nationwide rock band competition sponsored by San Miguel Brewery Inc. to highlight one of its main products, Red Horse Beer. It is the biggest and grandest amateur rock band competition in the country.

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  1. Oh, it’s tomorrow, that must be a wonderful day for those rock bands.

    Good luck.

  2. Hi, Guys!

    You may now visit Otek Durante’s official bizpage on Facebook for updates:


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    Thanks! 🙂

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