DavaoBase Wins Mindanao Bloggers' Choice Award!

Philippine Blog AwardsWhat a great feeling it is indeed when your efforts are recognized. We are so happy to share that DavaoBase won Mindanao Bloggers’ Choice Award in the Philippine Blog Awards 2009. The results were announced last Saturday, October 24, 2009, at Pearlmont Hotel, Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City.

This is our first time in the competition, having been in the blogging world for just over a year, and we are so happy to share this recognition with all fellow bloggers who voted for us and with everyone visiting our site for Davao updates. Daghang salamat!

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  1. Congrats, Davaobase!!! You deserve it!


  3. Wow..congrats ulit..am so proud of you…

  4. Super galing! Go, Davao! :)

  5. saan ang party? hhehehe 😀

  6. Yes bitaw! I was at the PBA awards and they did proclaim you as the winner :) Yehey! Congratulations!

  7. Thanks, Maan, Chico_23, Nory, letlet, elen and Mindanaoan! :)

  8. Congrats na pud sa inyo!! dili namo ma reach ba.. blow out naman dyan.hehe

  9. congratulations mga bai.

  10. @ Au: Reach gihapon kaayo uy! We’re just one mouse click away. Hehe.. Maayo ba i-blow out ko ninyo sa inyong amelioration. 😉

    @ clarence: Congrats pud para sa Best Visayan Blog! Bilib kaayo mi sa pag-Binisaya nimo sa imong blog. Lisud pud na bah. Ayos!

  11. hehehe, salamat bai.
    para sa tanan bisaya! \m/

  12. Congrats to the people behind DavaoBase! :)

  13. @ clarence: yep, para sa mga Bisaya! :)

    @ Blogie: Thanks! Dalawa lang actually kami — Chito and Leah (husband and wife tandem). 😉 Congrats din for being one of the Globe Digital Tribe winners!

  14. Wow galing naman!

    Congratulations (ala-wowowee)

  15. the bess-a oi!!!!

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