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Flavors of Asia Brings Different Regional Cuisines In One Location

Only in Flavors of Asia can you enjoy Chinese soup, Malaysian appetizers, Indonesian noodles, and Filipino fried rice on the same dining table!


  1. hi! thanks for visiting my site!
    durian? i smelt one! hahaha, then i didin’t even tried to eat it. you’ve got a very cool site!

  2. I love Davao and all the fruits that can be found there especially durian and mangosteen. I especially love durian ice cream!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And yeah, that pic on the bottom left wouldn’t work. unless you squeeze the lemon first haha!

  3. Hi, mabulaklaknadila. You should try durian some time — if not the fruit, then just durian ice cream or durian candy. 😉 Thanks for the compliment on our site.

    Hi, Isis. I also love durian ice cream! I’m sure there will be lots of durian here in Davao in the weeks to come. 🙂

  4. i so miss durian ate le. hmmm… can’t wait to come home. libre mo ako ha! 😉

  5. @ Monique: Marami pa kaya fresh durian pag uwi mo? Frozen durian at durian ice cream na lang. Hehe.

  6. Hola! Uli nata sa Davao kay ‘Kadayawan’ festival na. Watch out durian, mangosteen, rambotan og uban pa. Let’s join to celebrate the annual festival of Davao! Mabuhay everyone Davaoeños. GOD BLESS…

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