Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake in Mindanao: It's Not Dizziness

Did you feel the earthquake at 3:00 PM today? (image from

“Did you feel the earthquake this afternoon?”

Most of the people whom I asked today never noticed the shaking past 3:00 PM. Instead, some of them just felt dizzy during that time.

Allow me to declare this incident officially: It was not dizziness, people. It was definitely an earthquake.

The US Geological Survey detected the earthquake 100 km from General Santos City — that’s about 130 km off Davao City. The earthquake shook its epicenter at a magnitude of 4.8.

We already knew it was a seismic activity even before we read the news. How? Hubby was working in his office on the second floor, while Wifey was administering a Trigonometry exam on the fifth floor of the Ateneo de Davao University. Naturally, we both felt our respective buildings sway left and right!

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