Paparazzi's by Papa's Pizza Brings Back Old Memories

Before the reign of Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Greenwich and Yellow Cab in Davao, there was this local pizzeria offering delectable homemade pizza  — Papa’s Pizza. I remember I was still in high school then (shoot, this gives out my age!) when Papa’s Pizza ruled as Davao’s favorite pizza place.

Papa’s was gone for some years and later came back as Paparazzi’s by Papa’s Pizza. They were at SM City Davao (near the back exit) for a year and then transferred to its current location at A. Mabini Street (near Siggi’s and Tumble Tots) where they have been serving yummy pizzas for about 2 years now.

As one of the stops of our weekend food trip, Hubby and I made a visit to Paparazzi’s.We ordered old-time favorite Sicilian pizza. As we shared on Twitter and Plurk, their Sicilian pizza looked and tasted just like it did 15 years ago.

Sicilian Pizza: Homegrown favorite from Papa's Pizza

The place may not be as cozy as we thought it would be and the prices may not be as affordable as before (even after considering inflation), but our first bite of their pizza told us that visiting Paparazzi’s was a good decision.

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  1. ako maalala ko kinder pako nung una ko natikman pizza nila 😀

  2. hindi man masarap ang pizza nila dun,not what I would recommend.

  3. I tried to find this pizza parlour for 3 months now at di ko na sila nakita…… do u have any idea kung nasan na sila ngayon????

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