Viva Lasagna of Pizza Hut: Our Verdict

Before heading off to our Midnight Sale escape yesterday, we stopped by Pizza Hut in Gaisano Mall of Davao to grab a quick bite. Because we have been loyal fans of their Meat Lovers Pizza, we decided to try their newest product: Viva Lasagna Pizza.

Pizza Hut's new product: Viva Lasagna Pizza

And here’s how it looked like when it was served:

Pizza Hut Viva Lasagna Pizza, up close and personal

Not the same as advertised, right? Anyway, we went on and excitedly brought the promising pizza into our eager mouths. Our verdict? It was alright, but not outstanding. We still loved the Meat Lovers Pizza more. Fortunately, the meal was saved by the sweet and tangy taste of their Chicken Wings.

A closer look at Pizza Hut Viva Lasagna Pizza

Pizza Hut always manages to raise the bar every time they launch a new product, like their stuffed crust pizzas. Unfortunately, their Viva Lasagna Pizza failed to impress the Italian food lover in us.

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