Pancake House Serves More Than Just Great Pancakes

We certainly did not expect to find one of the best hamburger steaks in Davao at Pancake House. It is, after all, a pancake house. We were surprised to learn that their meat is not only tender and juicy, it also tastes absolutely good. We discovered their hamburger steak only recently, and we’re glad that we keep trying different items in their menu.

Hamburger Steak Special Set at Pancake House

We had a bad experience with Pancake House in Manila, but the case is different here in Davao. We enjoyed our every single visit to Pancake House either in SM City Davao or in Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Facade of Pancake House, SM CIty Davao

Aside from great pancakes (the main reason we frequent their stores), Pancake House also offers rice meals, sandwiches and delightful desserts.

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  1. san ka mas makamura? pancake house o pepper and peppers? *wink*wink*

  2. Hi, Leng.

    Magkaiba ang ino-offer nila na mga pagkain eh, but I think comparable lang ang prices (meaning both medyo mahal! Haha..). 🙂

  3. ay….. (change of plans heheheh) ;D

  4. Masarap din kasi food nila. Cge, next time na pumunta kami dun, i-text ka ulit namin. 😉

  5. di ko pa nattry kumain jan.. hmmmm.. minsan nga masubukan.. pag ok budget..salamat sa pag-takam ah este pag post.. hehehe

  6. aside from the choco chip, caramel banana walnut and blueberry pancakes, I love their homestyle bangus and omelettes too!

  7. I agree, their other food offerings (aside from pancakes) are actually real good too. But I am dying to try out their pancakes soon! 😀

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