Earthquake Hits Davao: Quick But Powerful

Hubby here, fresh from experiencing a frightful earthquake while on night shift duty in San Miguel Brewery in Darong, Davao del Sur.

A short but strong earthquake hit Davao today!The clock just struck 4:00 AM, when I felt a sudden shaking. It was an earthquake, definitely, but it was unlike anything I have experienced before. The seismic activity lasted for less than five seconds, but I felt the entire building literally moving for a few seconds more.

As my officemates and I ran towards the first floor, we could see the glass windows still wobbling and the overhead lights swaying from the quake. Our companions downstairs also noticed the large control panels tilting to and fro.

Fortunately, no one was injured, and no damage to property was observed.


According to the US Geological Survey website, the earthquake was at magnitude 5.7, with the epicenter 130 kilometers from Davao.

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  1. Jules Dilangalen

    I heard at the news here in Manila that PHIVOLCS already warned people who live near or within Marikina to be more aware of the earthquake. The source said that the Marikina Fault Line will move.

    I am scared. Gush..

  2. Jules Dilangalen

    Basta mga kabs nako di ara sa Davao please be more cautious..

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