New Rodent Species Found in Davao Oriental!

It is confirmed. The rodent discovered more than two years ago in Mount Hamiguitan in Davao Oriental is a new species. The Batomys hamiguitan was found by the Philippine Eagle Foundation and the Chicago-based Field Museum of Natural History during its joint US-Filipino expedition in 2006.

The recently discovered Batomys hamiguitan is under the genus Batomys.The Batomys hamiguitan is a yellow-brown rodent that is said to live 950 meters above sea level. Due to its long furry tail, it is also known as the Hamiguitan hairy-tailed rat.

This truly is a significant leap in the country’s biodiversity efforts. The Philippines, considered as one of the few countries with mega diverse flora and fauna, takes pride in being the home a large number of unique species of mammals. Environment officials believe that there are more species in the country still waiting to be discovered. We hope our scientists find them before they get extinct.

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