CHR Sets Eyes on Davao Death Squad

The Commission on Human Rights has announced that it will be conducting a probe on the reported series of vigilante killings in Davao City. According to CHR Chairperson Laila de Lima, they will be holding a public hearing in the city on March 20 to 21.

Davao Street SignsSince their regional office has already conducted their own investigation without clear findings to show, the Commission has decided that their main office will now be handling the case. The Davao Death Squad, or DDS to locals, said to be the perpetrators of the killings, will be the center of the discussions.

While they admit that it will be extremely difficult to identify the people behind the extrajudicial killings, they hope that the public inquiry next month will be able to help Dabawenyos see that ‘street justice’ is wrong.

As a Dabawenyo myself, I believe that it’s about time. Having to debate on whether or not DDS is good for the city is actually not a normal thing to do. Having to discuss whether or not it’s only right to ‘clean’ Davao through vigilante activities is a clear sign that our mindsets have already been corrupted.

I have to agree, though, that this is a product of a long and complicated history — one which most outsiders will have a difficulty in understanding. Still, I believe that it is not too late. ‘Change has come’ to America; when will it come to us?

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    Could this be the first film about Davao’s infamous “death squads?”

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