Eraserheads to a Dabawenyo

First, there was the magnanimous August 30, 2008 reunion concert that sent every fan into a frenzy for tickets. Then, just this week, news broke about a second installment in the Eraserheads reunion concert, this time slated on March 7, 2009.

And now, this one:

It’s a fast food advertisement, but what made this very special (aside from the story) was the song playing. If you don’t know the song, then you were probably living under a rock.

For a die-hard Eraserheads fan living in Davao City (or anywhere far from Manila), this is pure agony because all I can do right now is read news and wait until the concert is taped and broadcast.

Still, I’m very happy that Ely, Buddy, Marcus and Raymund are back and having a fine, fine time.

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  1. it’s always good to see/ hear news from home, especially Davao…

    This one beats the news I read daily in sunstar davao. hehehe.

    Thanks for this post!

  2. You’re welcome, ‘nique! 😉

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