Pepper and Peppers: Hot or Not?

Hubby is here again, rampaging my wife’s space…


I wanted to celebrate my wife’s birthday with a special family dinner in a restaurant that is not so common, but will still provide us with something memorable to fill our tummies. Through numerous Web searches and several minutes of browsing through Davao blogs, I came across positive reviews for Pepper & Peppers, a quaint restaurant in Jacinto Extension, Davao City.

I went to the restaurant at 2:00 PM to check the place out. I was mildly surprised to see a very small dining area, enough for about 20 people. But the setting was perfect; I felt like I was in an ultra-exclusive resto. True enough, when we arrived at Pepper & Peppers, all four tables were reserved.

Leah's Birthday at Pepper & Peppers
Wife’s Birthday at Pepper & Peppers

(Not in photo are sister-in-law Mabelle and nephew Juliam who went out for a while.)

Our food consisted of the P999 bundle that they’re currently endorsing. The hefty meal was enough for 5 people, and it included spare ribs, mixed seafoods, rice, bottomless iced tea, brownie ala mode, and their specialty — Iberian Chicken.

Our verdict on their chicken specialty: Superb! Yes, the dish was oh-so-sinful, with the whole chicken sitting in oil. But the calories are worth every bite. The meat was very tender and flavorful, as the salty and sour sensations mixed with the garlic and spices. I’m reminded of Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken, but cooked like pork humba.

What's left of the Iberian Chicken
Halfway to finishing the Iberian Chicken

Their Brownie Ala Mode was also a surprise hit. When the dessert was served, the brownie was still warm, which provided a great contrast to the cold vanilla ice cream.

I’m not sure if the place was supposed to be quiet and elegant, but we sure destroyed the serene ambiance of the restaurant when our nephew found a playmate from the other table. The evening literally went from calm to chaotic because of the wild kids. But that goes to show how comfortable guests can be in Pepper & Peppers.

Pepper & Peppers
Pepper & Peppers

Pepper & Peppers
Jacinto Extension, Davao City
(082) 221-1396

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