Davao News Programs Reach New Heights

My wife and I aren’t very much into news programs, because frankly we’re concerned with more relevant issues (i.e. how Betty has struck Armando’s heart, or how artfully sexy this woman has evolved into).

But then again, we cannot discount the improvements in Davao’s local newscasts, specifically TV Patrol Southern Mindanao (ABS-CBN) and Testigo (GMA).

Although TV Patrol Southern Mindanao was first in the airwaves, Testigo is slowly gaining ground as a higher-quality news show for the local scene.Still, GMA’s news anchor Tek Ocampo seems to be hogging the limelight (save for the hard-hitting Jun Digamon). It’s slightly tilting towards a one-man show, unlike TV Patrol’s balanced spotlight on Stephen Manganan, Melanie Severino, and their elite group of reporters.

Both news programs are up against each other on late afternoons, and are gradually dishing out better features and delivery styles as their competition becomes more and more intense.In the end, it’s the Davao viewers who are reaping the benefits of the renewed reputation of local newscasts.

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