Welcome, Baby Boy Orellanida!

Our good friend Kitty Ching-Orellanida gave birth to a beautiful baby boy through Caesarean section this afternoon. After weeks of anticipation (we’ve been waiting for the baby since the first week of August!), Bryan and Kitty are finally dad and mom. Their little bundle of joy, Brent Isaac, came out to the world at 12:48 PM.

Congratulations, daddy Bryan and mommy Kitty!


bryan-kitty 083

Hubby, me, Joyce, Jovannie and Christian at Bryan & Kitty’s wedding

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  1. hello! nanganak na pud diay c kitty? congrats to them… when man mo mag baby?

  2. Hi, Ana K!

    Yep, nanganak na si Kitty last Wednesday, by Caesarean section.

    Kami? Ready na ba mi? Haha.. Bitaw uy, in God’s perfect time. 😉

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