TM Truly Adds Power To My Piso!

I have recently changed mobile service provider from Smart to Touch Mobile. For almost 2 years, my husband and I have been using different networks. He availed of the special Globe Postpaid Plan offered to San Miguel employees and I stayed with Smart Prepaid. I’m not heavy with texts or calls, making a postpaid line impractical for me.

Recently though, we realized that we were not able to maximize the promos of the different networks. Since his Globe Plan has better features than my Smart Prepaid (his plan allows him to send unlimited SMS to Globe and TM subscribers for free and to call at discounted rates), I was the one who had to make the shift. Thus, I now have a TM number.

Putting the TM ‘Power to the Piso’ claim to the test, I registered for the Sulitxt Promo last night. By texting SULITXT 10 to 2868, my P10 can send 75 TM-to-TM/Globe text messages within 1 day. It actually sounds very practical for us especially now that my husband is in Manila and I’m here in Davao. As of writing, I have only used 37 out of the allocated 75.

So far, so good with TM. It seems to me that there truly is more power to my piso.

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  1. endorser? hehe:D

  2. Haha.. Dili ni endorsement ha! Hmm, pero pwede pud… calling advertising agencies… 😀

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