Jieriel is First Evictee in PBB Teen Plus

Josef, Priscilla, Valerie, Linda and Jieriel composed the first set of nominees for eviction in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. First 2 to be put into safety were Priscilla and Valerie, who were both automatically nominated due to a violation (they discussed about the nominations outside the confession room when the PBB rules prohibit it).

Tonight’s eviction saw the tears from Jieriel, the Bubbly Girl of Davao, who took the first booting. Of course, Jieriel’s dad had to leave Kuya’s house, too. It is interesting to note that the first to be kicked out of the house during the first PBB Teen Edition in 2006 was Mikki Arceo, also from Davao.

With Priscilla and Jieriel both landing in the list of nominees for the first eviction night, a divided Davao vote is actually foreseeable. So, pardon if it may sound rude to fellow Dabawenyos but, I was already half-expecting (the other half hoped otherwise) that either Priscilla or Jieriel will follow Mikki’s path.

Let’s just hope we don’t see Priscilla and Nan in the next set of nominees.

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